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03-12-2010, 10:58
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http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_y4tH-im3Mq8/TPPvZLZE7ZI/AAAAAAAABWE/uwH_aac5Owc/s320/014.JPG (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_y4tH-im3Mq8/TPPvZLZE7ZI/AAAAAAAABWE/uwH_aac5Owc/s1600/014.JPG)
Decent Pale Ales. Like buses, you wait ages for one and two show up at the same time. Foley's had both these gems on over the weekend, and I managed to taste both today. First up, Crown's (http://www.crownbrewery.co.uk/)Brooklyn Heights; a 5.8% US-inspired pale that I've been wanting to taste for a while (forefront of picture). It didn't disappoint - copper-hued, with a firm, cereal-led body and a green-pine and grapefruit hop profile that was both soft and dry at the same time. A serious pale, at a serious abv, that ends up wholly drinkable, super-refreshing and well-balanced. Simple, yes, but strangely enough can be hard to find in pale-world. Let's get more Crown into Leeds; North and now Foley's have stepped up to the plate - who's going to be next?

Summer Wine's (http://www.summerwinebrewery.co.uk/) final Project 6 IPA doesn't fail to disappoint either - as I kind of knew it wouldn't as I held it to my nose and caught a whiff of all that lemony aroma. With a little darker malt in the body, there's enough sweetness at first to balance the bitterness that you know is coming; and it does arrive in style. Softly juicy at first, then getting dryer and bitterer (is that a word?) as the sip continues, P6 Brew 6 certainly lets you know it's an IPA. Check out both breweries' blogs too; both are enlightening as well as entertaining.

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