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27-11-2010, 13:18
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Yet more from Mr. Harston of the Anchor Brewery.

This time he's talking about primings.

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_CHrKKDU9290/TOOmE3GcEbI/AAAAAAAAHkU/EHbZI9Nuglc/s320/Hope_%2526_Anchor_Golden_Mead_Ale_1958_2.jpg (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_CHrKKDU9290/TOOmE3GcEbI/AAAAAAAAHkU/EHbZI9Nuglc/s1600/Hope_%2526_Anchor_Golden_Mead_Ale_1958_2.jpg)

5975. {Chairman.) Then you say that priming is in no form used in your brewery ?—That is so.

5976. But you are inclined to think that a small quantity of sugar or malt extract, used as priming, would be an improvement in that respect ?—I am.

5977- What improvement would be derived in your opinion from that ?—It would retain the head longer. When a man asks for a glass of beer and they bring it on to the bar counter, he likes to see a head on it—a foam on it. I do not know that it is much the better for it; but it pleases the eye, and we feel bound to try and suit that particular requirement.

5978. Do you think that the priming would be necessary in consequence of your brewing your beer only from malt and hops, and that it would not be necessary if you used more sugar substitute, or something of that sort, in the manufacture of your beer ?—I think the substitute beers carry the head better.

5979. How long is required before you are able to send your beer out ?—Do you mean from brewing or from the beer. racking of it ?

5980. After the brewing, how long have you to keep it on the premises before you send it out to your customers ? —We have no particular time, but we unfortunately have been very much behind our trade. Our brewing capacity has not been sufficient to keep time with the business until just lately. We really like to keep it in the summer about a fortnight.

5981. For clearing purposes ?- Yes.

59S2. (Sir J. H. Gilbert.) From what date does your 10 or 14 days run ?—From the racking.

5983. (Dr. Bell.) That is after the fermentation is completed ?—Yes."
"Minutes of evidence taken before the Departmental committee on beer materials", 1899, page 228.
Evidence given by George Harston, Managing Director of the Anchor Brewery, Sheffield.
The punters liked a head on their beer, purely for aethetic reasons and priming the casks was a good way of ensuring this.https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/tracker/5445569787371915337-3728465746773398221?l=barclayperkins.blogspot.com

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