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22-11-2010, 17:30
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From NZ Truth, 1918:

"The Duke's State Ale

Government Brew Sampled by the King's Uncle at Enfield. Two Good Glasses. Workers at Enfield Small Arms Factory on October 12 last, saw the Duke of Connaught drink a glass of Government fivepenny. They are now reconciled to Government ale for all time. According to a member of the Royal suite, the Duke's feelings and judgment were appreciative. He did not stop at one glass, but tried each of the two brands of Government ale. The occasion was the opening of the reconstructed Royal Small Arms Tavern, with its bright brickwork and green shutters, and a grand menu, which includes roast fowl at eightpence, chop toad, and pork cutlets at the same ridiculous figure, and custard and stewed fruit for twopence, with "plain and marmalade" or "plain and jam" inclusive for a nimble couple of coppers. HEALTHY, HAPPY, AND WELLFED. To a large body of workers the Duke declared: "I am a great' believer in the workmen, on whom we depend so largely, being healthy, happy, and wellfed. When you are hard- at work you must have good food. "I hope this is only the beginning of these taverns which we shall see growing up round our centres of work. They will be better in every way than the old public-houses." The Duke and Mrs. Winston . Churchill later inspected the kitchens. "
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