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12-11-2010, 07:50
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Be on the lookout for another new brewery that is opening up in Leeds, this one called the Kirkstall brewery. It will be run under the guidance of head brewer, Dave Sanders, and based in an 8 barrel plant in an industrial estate in the Kirkstall area, surprisingly enough !!

Those who know of Mr Sanders pedigree will expect good things from the new brewery, after all he was the head brewer at the Elland brewery before moving on, and they have produced many good beers under his care, including their award winning '1872 Porter'. I am unsure whether he has taken the Elland recipes with him to the new plant but, I for one, will be interested to see what beers the new brewery comes up with.

The press release via Leeds Camra reveals that his first beer is likely to be a pale hoppy session bitter, but his intention is to brew many different types and styles of beer and there are also plans to bottle in the pipeline.

If Leeds continues to spawn new breweries, then maybe the loss of Tetley's in the city may be to all drinkers benefit, with plenty of new beers to look forward to from their not inconsiderable range of craft brewers.

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