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11-11-2010, 21:01
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http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_FLUWDWr_WT8/TNxWuPe8z9I/AAAAAAAABYQ/V7hSjmxhMgA/s400/BigBeerGlass.jpg (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_FLUWDWr_WT8/TNxWuPe8z9I/AAAAAAAABYQ/V7hSjmxhMgA/s1600/BigBeerGlass.jpg)

In the last week I’ve drunk beer from bottles, cans, casks and kegs. Some were good, some not so good, some fantastic, but one thing connected them all: they were served in a glass.

And a glass is the only way I want my beer to be served to me ready to drink it. Where it comes from before that doesn’t make a difference as long as the beer tastes good.

Glass bottle (bottle-conditioned or not), plastic bottle, cask, keg, key keg, wooden barrel or can, I don’t care – I really don’t care – as long as the beer tastes good (and preferably tastes really good). Does anything matter beyond the taste?

If a beer benefits from keg then put it in a keg; if the fizz and chill of a keg will kill the subtle flavour then use a cask; if a beer will suffer in a bottle then don’t put it in one (that’s mostly aimed at any British beer below 4% - how many of those are actually good in a bottle…?); if it works in a can and the brewery can can it, then do it.

Good beer is good beer and that’s all that matters, right?

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