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sheffield hatter
10-11-2010, 18:58
I recently added the Patterdale Hotel, but it seems I must have made a mistake in the address because it has been added to Penrith town centre. In fact this pub is in the village of Patterdale. Can you please move it to this "outlying area"? Thanks

It's possible that the same thing has happened with Ramblers Bar, Inn on the Lake and Ratchers Bar, Gleridding Hotel, which I requested be added this afternoon. Both of these are in the "outlying area" of Glenridding, not in Penrith itself.

Dave M
11-11-2010, 12:50
Hi sheffield hatter,

Don't worry, the details you gave us for the Patterdale Hotel were spot on. It ended up being in Penrith because I wasn't concentrating enough when I approved it. The location has been fixed for it now, thanks for spotting it and letting us know.

I've taken a little more care with the two in Glenridding and have just approved them.

Thanks for that.