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01-11-2010, 09:17
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This is a first for 'A Swift One', todays beer of the day comes from The Cherry Tree. This is Huddersfield Wetherspoons for those that do not know it. Not the most historic or pretty pub in their chain, to call it functional would be about the best I could manage but it does keep its beer in good nick, and is often busy and consequently there is a fair turn over of beers to keep us on our toes, especially during their festival times. Like now.

There were a fair few new beers on the bar when I called in but there was one that was outstanding. I have always been a fan of Adnams beers, and was pleased to find a new addition to their range on the 'Spoons festival list. As with all the festival beers, the problem was when or if I would find it. Luckily it was on on my second visit. What's it like ?

It was light, very light in fact, and packed with fresh citrus hop flavours, which comes from the use of chinook, columbus, and the new hop on the block, citra. They combine together to give a wonderful balance and a clean drinking pint which is wonderfully refreshing. The sort of beer for a warm summer's day, shame it was a damp and miserable Halloween, but it did brighten it up considerably. And at £1.85 a pint I could not complain about the price either.

I may have to check it out again, it was so good. All we can hope is that it becomes part of their regular portfolio, not just a one off for this festival.

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