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28-10-2010, 13:52
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http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_7Qhwe4-hzXg/TMloAL-8V6I/AAAAAAAAAQQ/iIZOhIYBvPk/s320/brewdog+protest.jpeg (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_7Qhwe4-hzXg/TMloAL-8V6I/AAAAAAAAAQQ/iIZOhIYBvPk/s1600/brewdog+protest.jpeg)Just a quick break in my ramblings about my meanderings...

If you are quick to criticise, you should be quick to praise, and this is a brilliant bit of marketing by BrewDog (http://www.brewdog.com/blog-article.php?id=392)to put a dwarf protesting the fact that we can't have 2/3 pint outside Parliament - amusing and has a very good point - as has the post by (I presume) James about the fact it's perceptions of beer that are the problem:

Fewer units for drinkers choosing higher ABV beers, which many craft beers are
A more sophisticated drinking experience based on quality rather than quantity
More choice for drinkers – half pints are often deemed too small, and pints too large by many
A more attractive measure for female audiences who are often put off by the scale of a pint glass

I've been told by several sources that the only reason we can't have 2/3 pint glasses is due to an odd piece of punctuation - seriously guys, we've got spell check these days, let's sort it out shall we?!
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