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Al 10000
24-10-2010, 14:33
Hi Conrad.

The Lock,Stock and barrel is the same pub as the Gallows Inn.
The lock ,stock and barrel should be deleted this is an older name for the gallows Inn.

On another note i am adding pictures of Ilkeston pubs that are now closed down all of these photos were taken on 23 June 1988 would you like me to add any pubs to the ilkeston list that i took photos of in 1988.

I am also taking photos of Ilkestons pubs that are still open so i wont be putting any old photos of pubs that are still open on PG.

Thanks Alan.

24-10-2010, 17:44
Hi Alan,

We have deleted the extra Lock Stock and Barrel listing.

We are more than happy to have the old photos as well, I personally like having the historical references that may not be available elsewhere.

Thanks for that.