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22-10-2010, 18:35
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Crikey, the twissup is tomorrow. I am actually a bit excited. Sitting in a pub, drinking pongy ale, in the company of ladies and gentlemen who write beer blogs what I read. People to apologise to for winding them up, people say thank you to for sending me some free grog, people to argue the toss with, people to have a laugh with. All good clean innocent fun. I have a pink ticket (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=pink%20ticket) off my good lady that gives me permission to sit in a pub and drink beer in the company of beer geeks. I am quite looking forward to it.

The details are all on Dredgies blog here (http://www.pencilandspoon.com/search/label/%23twissup), if you've not heard about it before, got nowt on tomorrow and are going to be in or around Manchester.

I suspect it'll be top dollar for a pint of pong in these proper pubs, but I'll be there to suggest we pop in the Spoons to pre load on cheap stuff. I don't know about you but I'm expecting responsible drinking in a controlled and responsible pub based environment. I'd be most disappointed to discover any binge drinking.


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