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22-10-2010, 08:14
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Yesterday I had a trip up to Slaithwaite to sample the delights of the Swan festival. It is decent little pub festival, with 20 beers available, all on hand pull, and Jonny Holmes generally finds something to keep the tickers interested, hence my visit.

The doors opened at 4pm, so I had chance for a pint in Jonny's other pub, the Commercial, before going along to the Swan. The beer in the Commercial is always kept well, and well worth a call. I had a pint of Empire 'Budgie' here, I know its been about a while but is a beer that has always managed to elude me, so I was more than happy.

The list at the Swan was predominantly Yorkshire beers, with offerings from Greenfield, Leyden and Phoenix from Lancashire and Otley '01' ,Springhead 'Bramley Apple',and a couple of Dark Star beers from further afield.

I started with the Springhead, a brewery I have not often seen recently. It was a decent light beer, but the tasting notes said 'made with bramley apples' I struggled to find them I admit. I followed this with Empire '9 Standards' another inoffensive offering and again light and hoppy. I wanted something with a bit more flavour. Elland 'Twa Tipa' fit the bill. Again pale, but this time with more of a citrus kick, and 4.6% so a bit more body. Greenfield 'Little Jack' was another pale beer, but lacked the bite of the Elland. The star of the show, in my opinion, on my short visit, was the Abbeydale beer. Their 'Dr Morton's' range always seem to be good, and the 'Binge Oil' was no let down. With subtle New Zealand hops, if this is not a contradiction in terms, it was very pleasant and well balanced.

There were plenty of other good beers on the list, Abbeydale 'Fascination' is another excellent beer, Phoenix 'Arizona' is always good, as is Dark Star 'HopHead'. For those in search of different flavours Nook 'Strawberry Blonde' was there, Mallinsons 'Porker Porter' also and Empire 'Chocolate Stout'.

Not a massive beer range but enough to keep me happy, with its mixture of old favourites and new beers. So, if you have a bit of time to waste this weekend, maybe a trip into Slaithwaite may fit the bill. For £2.20 a pint for all the beers, it will certainly not break the bank.

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