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16-10-2010, 21:12
Im trying to compile a list of Hampshire pubs that are no longer with us, which at some point i intend to publish on the net. If you know of any Hampshire pubs that have closed, been converted to some other use or have been demolished I would love to hear about them.
I can be contacted at churchwarden247@googlemail.co.uk
Thanks in advance Dexter :)

16-10-2010, 22:08
Im trying to compile a list of Hampshire pubs that are no longer with us, which at some point i intend to publish on the net.

Hi Dexter. Welcome to the site. I am currently trawling through the 'Lost Pubs' thread on a site called www.secretleeds.com. Whilst I appreciate the actual content will be of limited interest to someone in Hampshire, you might get one or two pointers as to how the information is used. Good luck.

16-10-2010, 22:54
Hi Dexter,

As a&h says, welcome to the forums.

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17-10-2010, 15:03
Hi Conrad
Sorry about that will remember that in future
Yours Dexter

17-10-2010, 15:09
Hi Dexter

I live near Horndean, Hants and do know shut & converted pubs, but just how shut or converted do want them?

You could make a start by having a look at This Site (http://www.portsmouthpubs.org.uk/) where he lists all closed Pompey pubs

Not suggesting you copy it, but could save you time & effort by just providing a link across to him?

17-10-2010, 16:00
Hi Farway
Thanks for the link to the Portsmouth Pub site that is the sort of thing Im looking to create but with a coverage of the whole county.
With regards as to how closed or converted the pubs have to be, any information of any age would be most welcome, I hope to be able to include information on pubs that no longer exist physicaly due to them being demolished along time ago or in the last year or so, also those that have been converted to other uses such as housing or restaurants.
Yours Chris

17-10-2010, 16:14
Here are some in Romsey that closed in the sixties/seventies

Bricklayers Arms - Banning St, closed 1973, now a house.
The Crown - Winchester Rd, closed 1970 offices.
Fleming Arms - Alma Rd, closed about 1980, housing.
Cross Keys - Bell St, closed 1972 Indian Restaurant.
Dolphin Hotel - Cornmarket, closed about 2002, incorporated into a department store.
Latimer Arms - Latimer St, closed 1972 now a shop.
Sawyers Arms - The Hundred, closed 1960 and now a house.
Red Lion - The Hundred, closed 1974 now an Estate Agent's office.
The Sceptre - Palmerston St, closed 1972 now serviced offices.
The Vine - Cherville St, closed about 1970, housing.

There are also a couple in Winchester I remember;

The Battery - Romsey Road, demolished, now under part of the County Hospital I think.
The Olde Dolphin - High St, now Edinburgh Woollen Mill?

17-10-2010, 18:39
The Lost Pub Project sprang to my mind...there's a good list, organised by town, here...


17-10-2010, 18:55
Just thought of another after looking at Lost Pubs, by the way I noticed both its lost Basingstoke pubs are currently open although one under another name.


Andover Arms - King's Somborne, now housing.

18-10-2010, 10:09
Here's some that aren't on the Lost Pubs site - (perhaps I ought to nominate them).

One that springs to mind is the HH in Cheriton (near Alresford), one of the few pubs officially named in initials, although it was probably short for the Hampshire Hunt originally. I remember playing skittles there many years ago. The sign on the front of the building is still there - see http://southernlife.org.uk/cheriton.htm

The there was the Shant on the A31, I think technically in the North Street area of Ropley although closer to Four Marks and reputed to date back to the railway navvies village when the railway line was built. This was renamed something like the Traveller's Joy for a while, then became an Indian restaurant before expiring.

I also remember the Plough at Bishops Sutton, now apparently the home of the Original Party Company.

Will try to think of some more.