View Full Version : Folk Nights in Whitby On the PG Calender

24-09-2009, 15:27
Hi Conrad/Dave,

I've just been pottering about with the Calender. I haven't really noticed it before, but it looks like being a very handy tool. I will certainly make use of it when I can, and I'm surprised there isn't loads in there already.

One minor suggestion though, could it please include the following year in the "end" option. At the moment it ends 31/12/09 wheras I think it would be better if it ended 31/12/10, and so on each subsequent year.


Filo :D

24-09-2009, 15:38
Hi Filo,

No sooner requested than done.

I noticed you were playing with the calendar and was intrigued to see what happened, I haven't found time to play with it. I honestly dread to find out how some of our users (I say users, I mean assorted spammers) will put it to use. Looking at what you did though leaves me thinking we need to tie it back into the site in some way.

Thanks for playing with that, it is a good demonstration of what to do with it.


24-09-2009, 15:44
Hi, Conrad,

I thought it might be a good idea if an "Event Marker" could be used to link events either to a particular pub or location on the main site. I cant think of a simple way to do it though. :confused:


24-09-2009, 15:51
Yeah, that is pretty much the way my brain was working, show our beer festivals on the calendar and also allow some sort of pub events that could be set up from pubs on there.

Simplest way at the moment is just to add links the same way we already do, I may go in and hack events as they get added to make sure the relevant links are in there. Interesting stuff though.