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04-10-2010, 08:00
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Calling in the Star for a pint on Sunday one could be forgiven for thinking you had fallen into an Mallinsons festival, we had not one but three new Mallinsons beers to sample and compare, and very good they all were too.

'Tri-Continental' was a 4.2% light beer created with hops from New Zealand, England and the USA, and as would be expected, brought out some amazing hop flavours but managed to retain a balance between all three, with none of them predominating, just very balanced. The pump clip also created plenty of interest with its map of Europe having the other 2 continents tacked on. It would certainly make for easier holidays if it were true !!

Just along the bar came the stronger (5%), 'Hops Crossing'. Definitely a beer for the hop monsters, with plenty of flavour and far too drinkable for its strength, and certainly different to 'Tri-Continental'. Again light but packing a lot of interest into a pint. Another winner.

If these two were not sufficient the third of the triumverate was 'Anniversary Ale'. A dry hopped 4.2% beer specially for one of the regulars wedding anniversary. Certainly beats a card !! Again,perfectly balanced and light with the extra hops bringing a whole different flavour to the beer.

All in all, an excellent way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon, just topped off with some of Chris's famous chilli pickled onions to make the day complete. All that I can hope for now is that there are still some of the beers left for Tuesday for more tasting comparisons.

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