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01-10-2010, 09:50
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I fly to Boston today for the release of the new beer in the Pretty Things Once Upon a Time series. The beer's a KK from 1901. I'm dead excited at the prospect of getting to taste it in cask form.

It only seems like a few weeks since I was last in the US. Probably because it is only a few weeks. I've never been to Boston. Not that I'll get that much chance to see anything this trip. I'll only be in town a couple of days. I expect I'll spend most of my time in pubs.

The beer itself is a KK, brewed on Chiswell Street in November 1901. In the Golden Age of British brewing. If you've paying attention to these pages you'll realise that we're talking about a Burton. An elusive style that's somehow managed to slip through the fingers of history. Dark, hoppy and 7.8% ABV, it should be a cracker.

The release event is on Sunday (3rd October) at Deep Ellum and kicks off at 3 PM. I'll be the fat drunk in a top hat, if you want to buy me beer or give me money.

Deep Ellum Bar (http://www.deepellum-boston.com/)
477 Cambridge Street,
Allston, MA 02134.
Tel: 617-787-BEER (2337)

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