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30-09-2010, 09:01
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The festival has been great fun - and I've learnt a hell of a lot to bare in mind for next year. I'm still writing the full report of the festival, but to give you some idea:

1) It turns out the beer list will change regularly. All those beers that weren't available when you requested suddenly are. And the one's promised to you, absolutely guaranteed, won't turn up. And those that do won't settle. All part of the fun.

2) It also turns out that a certain CAMRA branch, a large one with very active social life which you told about the festival over 4 months ago, and agreed to take a supply of their quarterlies to put out in your pub, and whose beer festival programme you took out a full page advert in, will send 1 person. With this quarter's magazine to distribute. He'll have one drink.

3) It also turns out that one of Pete Brown's books has a typo. But he didn't find out halfway through reading a passage from it in front of an audience. And he certainly didn't express his feelings into the microphone.

4) Melissa knows food and ale matching. Match of the Day for me went to Honey Fayre, a subtle honey ale, matched with Sticky Honey & Sesame seed Mackeral on a bed of Cockles & Bacon.

5) Zak has some weird and wonderful beers. Truly wonderful.

6) Adrian has the most amazing vocabulary when tasting ale. An ale that tastes like something on an electric heater anyone?

7) Tim Hampson knows more about Stella than anyone really ought to.

8) Buster will do it tomorrow.

9) There is now a picture somewhere of me with my nose in a glass of ale. You know the type - that default icon picture for anyone who talks about beer.

10) I can't wait for next year...https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/tracker/5810592934633194812-6629732700647838837?l=studentbrewer.blogspot.com

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