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19-09-2010, 09:19
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You know what it's like when you are sitting in a pub, lots of beer but none exactly to your taste, and you start thinking, 'its not going to be my day today', when suddenly a beer runs off, and then, like the sun rising over the mountains a pump clip appears that fills your heart with joy and your mouth with anticipation. (I should write poetry really!!).

Well that was the situation the the Star yesterday afternoon. Until around 5pm when the familiar sight of a Steel City beer appeared on the bar. We were treated to 'The Seventies Are Dead'. It is 4.2% and as would be expected from the guys from Sheffield, not shy in the hop department. In fact crammed with hop flavour that explodes on the tongue and leaves a pleasant bitter finish. It can only be described as another classic from what is a brewery with a rapidly growing reputation. The beers are brewed on the Little Ale Cart plant in Sheffield at the moment and appear sporadically as both the brewers hold down other jobs, but every beer I have sampled by them showcases their love of hops, especially the 'Holy Trinity' of American hops as brewer Dave, lovingly describes them. This one is no exception. If you get the chance, get down to the Star and try it out I am sure you will be impressed, I certainly was.

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