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02-09-2010, 15:11
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Every brewer worth his salt knows that cleanliness is vital for good beer. Our current Heath Robinson (http://hardknott.blogspot.com/2010/07/heath-robinsonness.html) set-up gives me great cause for concern in this respect, the biggest issue being the lack of any drain in the floor. Washing out the plant is very hard work when one can't just let the washings run out onto the floor and away down the drain.

Stringers (http://stringersbeer.blogspot.com/index.html) has a neat solution to the problem of leasing a building and having the difficulty of getting the landlord to agree to fundamental below-ground drains being installed. I'm not to proud to copy other peoples great ideas, so I did. Yesterday we poured about 20 tonnes of concrete. The brewkit will be installed on this in the coming month.

Thanks to Jeff (http://jeffpickthall.blogspot.com/) and Ben (http://apprenticebeerexplorer.blogspot.com/) for considerable efforts during this activity.

The floor consists of around 850 solid concrete blocks laid dry on their side, a single block retaining wall and then filled with a 90 - 130 mm thick concrete slab. The drainage channel is made with heavy duty Osma channel. Hopefully the very slight fall will prevent puddling.


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