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31-08-2010, 06:09
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A Bank Holiday Monday in the Sportsman, beer running off by the minute. And eager anticipation to see what may turn up on the empty pumps on the bar.

My initial reason to visit was to try and catch some of the wonderful Fernandes beers that Will has been taunting us all with throughout the weekend, I only managed one and that ran off quickly. It had the look of being one of 'those' afternoons until a familiar shaped pump clip appeared on the bar. I still was not too optimistic, I could not tell from the back of the clip which Mallinsons beer had arrived but I knew I had drunk most of those available around town at the moment.

A quick sneaky peek whetted my appetite, I had not had 'Hops Likely' and this was the forthcoming treat. I quickly downed my pint of Fernandes and joined the queue to sample the new arrival. I was not disappointed. Soon all our little group was on it, and quite a number of others in the pub too.

It was one of the stronger Mallinson's range, at 5.4% but did not drink its strength, in short, a dangerous drinkable beer. It was a light beer and as the name suggested, not only were hops likely but there in abundance. A massive hop hit. I got fruit, bitterness, and a massive mouthfeel from it. Just could not work out which hops Tara had used. It was a super beer, that stood comparison with all the others I have drunk over the weekend, and as often with Mallinson's beer, one was not enough. The second was equally as good as the first and texts were soon flying around to advise those unfortunate enough not to be in the pub to get there and taste it. I am sure it will not last long, but if you miss it at the Sportsman I know there is a barrel lurking at the Star, and possibly the Rat too, so be patient. Good things come to those who wait, they say. This one of those good things.

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