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29-08-2010, 11:59
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We’ve got one more bar to report on from our recent trip to Antwerp, as well as some final thoughts on the city.

Paters Vaetje is next to the cathedral.* It’s a friendly place and has a nice but manageable selection of beers.* It’s obviously popular with tourists but there were also plenty of younger locals there on our visit.

First, we went for Dikke Mathile (http://www.brouwerij-strubbe.be/start/pagina/dikkemathile/nl).* We’re not ashamed to admit that its comparative weakness was the attraction.* It turned out to be a pleasantly sweet and fruity Amber, with a beautiful art nouveau inspired glass featuring a naked lady (tee hee).

Next, a matching pair, Boerken and Boerinneken (http://www.denoudenadvokaat.com/pages/GB/bierGB.html), both 9.5%, from Den Ouden Advocaat, although brewed by someone else on their behalf (http://gloriousfoodandwinebelgianbeer.blogspot.com/2007/07/belgian-beer-no155-boerinneken.html).* Boerinneken was a golden yellow triple which managed to be intensely sweet, bitter and sour all at once.* There were all sorts of flavours popping out one after another, including orange, caraway and toffee (it tasted darker than it looked).* Very complex.* Boerken, the dark one, was also impressive, although less complex, reminding us of chocolate covered pretzels.

So, what did we make of Antwerp?* We want to live there.* It’s not as twee (nor as touristy) as Bruges, but much less grotty than Brussels, and there are nice looking bars everywhere.* The only real disappointment was De Koninck, which, although a great institution, was not, as promised by various sources, any more brilliant in Antwerp than anywhere else.

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