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25-08-2010, 10:11
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Been away for a while getting a bit of sun, lager and dare I say it a bit of how’s your father (with the lovely squeeze) on a combination of travels, business & pleasure. There is something satisfying about returning to Blighty and finding that it is raining cats and dogs. Satisfying in the type of way that makes we want to do 180 degrees, head back into the airport and ask “any cheap flights to somewhere nice?” However I’m stony broke till pay day, so back to work.
I'll be a tart and direct you to my guest blog on the Badger site (http://www.badgersettaleclub.co.uk/templates/guest-blog.aspx), which I discovered on my return.

Upon my return I put the obligatory bag of foreign sweets in the office for colleagues (a whopping 1.99 Euros) to find myself shamed. Another returning colleague had put a can of lovely lager on my desk from China, alongside expensive quality chocolates for the office. Knowing my love of the lout, he’d brought me back a present. Top stuff.

Tsingao. China’s well known Trademark beer brand Est. 1903. Finest quality hops and barley malted (I’m reading the can) to produce an award winning beer. No indication of ABV, as that was the only English writing. The rest was Chinese script, barring a logo for the American NBA, baseball league. It was mentioned by another colleague that the beer is available in Chinese restaurants up and down the land, but I didn’t let that spoil my enjoyment of a genuine exotic can of lout brought over from China by a work mate I now quite like (at least more than before). The beer? Light, slightly sweet, low on hops. Lovely. Tasteless but lovely. Ideal with a bag of prawn crackers.

Proof if ever it were needed that lout is universal. The world loves and appreciates high quality cheap lager. I would go as far to say that cheap lager is a feature of humanity that brings people of different race, religion & language together. When you know your fellow man likes a drop of cheap lout you cannot see that man as an enemy. You can recognise a feature of their culture that is worthy of admiration and respect. Your fellow man becomes brothers in the love of cheap lager, and world peace becomes inevitable. There can never be conflict between nations with a love of cheap lager. I’m guessing this lout might be stronger than it tastes. Pity I only had the one.


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