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22-08-2010, 07:50
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Saturday at the Star brought forth an array of riches for the real ale drinker, (almost sounds Shakespearian !!) with 3 beers that were good enough to satisfy even the most critical. Two were new to me, one was an old favourite but I had forgotten how good it was when on top form.

We were treated to a new single hopped beer from Pictish, with 'Apollo' . At just over 4% a good quaffing beer, light and well rounded, with a slightly sweet background flavour bringing out the character of the American hop. Not aggresive like some hops, but more subtle and balanced to provide a very moreish beer that seemed to improve the more that you drank. Another winner from Richard Sutton, who rarely lets his high standards fall.

If that was not enough to satisfy me, then Phoenix 'Arizona' rubbed shoulders with it on the bar. What can one say about 'Arizona' that has not been said before, but suffice it to say that it was in excellent form and held its own in comparison with 'Apollo'. Two real winners from across the Pennines.

The trio of gems was completed by Skinners 'Cornish Blonde', a 5% wheat beer that was one of the best of the style I have ever come across. Clear rather than hazy, it had a good mix of wheat and hops so that neither dominated but both complemented each other to make a classic. I have always had a soft spot for Cornish beers, and Skinners in particular and this has just reinforced why I find them a good, consistent brewery. I just wish they would do something about their pump clips which, although instantly recognisable strike me as a bit juvenile, or am I just getting old !

Anyway, should you have a bit of spare time and fancy a beer today, maybe the Star is the place to visit. Think I may make a return trip anyway.

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