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05-08-2009, 11:01

The holiday season is at its height here in Whitby and we've been doing the usual touristy bit entertaining friends and family who come to stay, which usually involves a visit to the Duke of York, The Shambles and or the Station Inn.

I think the Duke must have changed hands recently because the cask ales have changed and the food portions are back to being enormous. For the last couple of years they've been like child portions. But as always the ale and food is first class. The Shambles is becoming just as popular as the Duke. It was good when it first opened a few years ago but it seems to get even better year on year. There is a good selection of Quality Cask Ales and the food is excellent. The Station Inn continues to benefit from the new owners taking a pride in the place.

Its Whitby Regatta starting Friday 22nd August until 24th and although its called a regatta and yes there are boat races, its mainly like a town fair or show with lots of events especially on the West Cliff. The locals treat the Regatta Monday as a sort of Bank holiday with lots of people taking the day off, (try getting a haircut on Regatta Monday its impossible). The high light is the Red Arrows (or the Ale perhaps).

So if your free that weeekend and you fancy some fine ale, good food and folk music, (and some sea shanties), why not pay a visit and enjoy the unique atmosphere of this little gem of a town.

If you do come let me know how you get on. I'll be at work all that weekend :mad:


Soup Dragon
27-08-2009, 13:46
Whitby is brilliant for pubs. I have been to near all of them. I am slowly copying up my write-ups onto this site (around 400 or so), so they will be on at some stage. Elsinore, Endeavour, Station and Black Horse Vaults are perhaps the best:D

Galore Admin
27-08-2009, 14:30
Sorry going to post a bit off topic here, but wanted to make sure Historian spotted it. We have removed the constraint on review size, we think it may have been affecting your reviews and wanted to make sure we reduced your suffering and our loss on that one. I will post up on my blog with more information in the next hour or so.


Soup Dragon
27-08-2009, 15:00
Thats fantastic - yes it does hamper a bit - i have to scrunch it up and take out a bit of humour and none essentials etc


13-09-2009, 09:48
Hi Historian,

If you get chance, have a trip out to one or two of Whitby's nearby villages. There are some excellent pubs out there on the moors. The Horseshoe at Egton Bridge is one of my favourites, as is The Lion Inn at Blakey Ridge.