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17-08-2010, 12:50
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So claims the sign outside the Boathouse, as we alighted from the train at Wylam (Northumberland, on the line from Newcastle to Carlisle).

I wasn't aware that the Boathouse is the best pub in the Northeast - I have a soft spot for the Kings Arms in Sunderland, and to boast that you can better the Square & Compass (Worth Matravers), the Market Porter (Borough Market) or the Fat Cat (Norwich), you are going to have to be very special indeed....

The Boathouse used to be pretty much the Wylam Brewery tap, but a dispute between brewery and pub means you don't currently get Wylam beers here, so if you are looking for the excellent Wylam "Turbinia - 10 Years" you will need to search elsewhere, nevertheless there are 14 hand pumps (+ 1 for draught cider), and most of the 14 on offer are rarities or northern beers that don't venture down to Yorkshire often.

Just about every beer was new to me, but 4 pumps took the eye, 3 from Scotlands Fyne - "Hurricane Jack", "Jarl" and "Avalanche", and 1 from Stables of Beamish, Co. Durham - "Corker".

All four are the type of light and hoppy ale we in Huddersfield adore, with grapefruit bitterness associated with Nelson and Citra hops, the "Corker" with a balanced ginger taste. "Avalanche" shaded it, at 4.5% the strongest, and I prefer beers around that strength.

All beers up to 4.5% are £2.50 a pint (£2.60 4.6%+, halfs all £1.30 - superstrong beers individually priced), pub grub is available all day, very useful with so many ales to tempt you to stay, but after 3 hours, and a couple of halfs of Hadrian & Border "Real Lager", it was time to return to Newcastle.

Rumour is that Mallinsons will be appearing on the bar sometime soon, so 1 or 2 of us might have to trail even further for those dry hopped specials.

Best pub in the world? Certainly pushing for a top ten spot in the UK, an essential stop off if you are in the Northeast - open from 11 till late every day (Sunday opens 12).https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/tracker/5761264498865183675-8890812622301947461?l=www.aswiftone.com

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