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15-08-2010, 21:13
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It's seems the brewery has been going through that stage of nothing apparently happening whilst lots of little things fall into place. And over the next couple of months I feel it's going to come together very rapidly. I feel like I've found the corner pieces and started filling in the edges. I've only got a vague idea how pieces there are though.

Obviously all the focus recently has been on getting the beer festival organised. If you want the full listings for the festival you can find them here (http://www.thehaybrewery.co.uk/festival/the-events). It's one hell of a line-up, and it's working out quite nicely - people volunteering to work the bars, man the glass stall etc.

The brewery has been simmering nicely behind the scenes though. The first plan for the site of the brewery fell through, but recently there's been a bit more consideration to it. The business plan is for the first couple of years to develop a range of ales and sell them through the pub - a core range of 3 ales. Nothing fancy, just quality ales that sell well. The core of the brewery is going to be quality, and with that I hope other ales will organically come about. I've found it happen in the kitchen when cooking - I'll be prepping the same food each week and then one day something clicks and I'll try something a little different and develop that into something good.

I should find out more on Tuesday after attending an open surgery with a couple of ideas for suitable brew houses. From a couple of phone calls I gather this is going to be one of those surgeries I turn up to, explain the idea and what I'd like, and they'll tell me which grants are available, how to keep the EHO/Building Regs/National Park happy and point me in the right direction. Makes a change - I'd almost given up on wading through all the crud just to find out if I may be able to get a grant. I sometimes wonder if really there's just a nodding duck spinning on a turntable on 33 that occasionally hits the enter key on the laptop. But I digress.

In my spare time I've been studying. Reading the characteristics of hops and their yields, malts and recommended mixes. And I'm starting to imagine what the result of that mix, with that yeast and those hops added just then will come out like. I'm well aware this is just impatience - I want to get started and fully immerse myself in this warm and slightly damp world of brewing. But, at the back of my mind, there's the knowledge that just possibly one of these mutations of an idea may work. Stranger things have happened - this big yellow ball of fire was in the sky a couple of days ago...


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