View Full Version : Florence and Firkin, Harborne

04-04-2009, 19:44
The "Florence & Firkin" was renamed some time back, being restored to its proper name by which it had been known for decades - "The Golden Cross".

The local community petitioned for the name restoration, which was done but clearly they weren't fond enough of it to use it and keep it a going concern. It has been closed a couple of years now.

The pub, on Metchley Lane in Harborne, is sadly boarded up and never likely to reopen. Advertised for sale for 'redevelopment', it is falling into disrepair and slowly being vandalised.


Galore Admin
06-04-2009, 15:54
Hi MrMagoo,

We have corrected the name and marked the pub as closed, thanks fo letting us know about that and sorry to hear about the pub.