View Full Version : Aberdeen, City of Granite

General Staal
02-08-2010, 18:43

My in-laws have moved to Aberdeen. I have been going up for the odd beery weekend.

My brother-in-law loves his pale citrussy real ales, but I like my dark beers.

Does anyone know of a crawl in Aberdeen that has about 6 pubs that could cater for both of us?

I have been to pubs like the Grill, Under the Hammer, Blackfriars, McGinty's and Aitches, but I wondered if there was any local knowledge out there.


Steve C

03-08-2010, 07:53
The best place for sheer numbers of ales is the Brentwood Hotel a.k.a. Carraiges. 10 ales although most of them are fairly commonplace but you should find something to suit all tastes even though the place itself is a bit sterile. The Moorings is a quirky rock pub but is also worth having a look at for its ales. The Prince of Wales in an alley just off Union Street also does a good choice of guest beers even though it is part of the Belhaven/GK empire. There is also the Archibald Simpsons which is an above average 'Spoons (but give the Justice Mill 'Spoons a miss). Further afield, be sure to take a trip to Stonehaven for the Ship and the excellent Marine Hotel.