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16-07-2010, 12:05
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http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_eQjR-WeaVPY/TEAlkV3VeDI/AAAAAAAAAXI/EWj4oBEe8pY/s320/b.jpg (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_eQjR-WeaVPY/TEAlkV3VeDI/AAAAAAAAAXI/EWj4oBEe8pY/s1600/b.jpg)Every so often a day occurs that approaches perfection. There is no clue as to how the day will pan out when you awake. Often the day can start off a bit of a bummer. No milk for my Coco Pops or tea, so itís toast and black coffee. When you get to work you realise itís the same routine. Then something magical occurs. A box arrived. Written on the box was the legend ďhistorical ales of ScotlandĒ. The wonderful people of Williams Bros brewery in Alloa, Scotland (http://www.williamsbrosbrew.com/) has sent me a box of beer, free, gratis for nowt. For no other reason than they appear to like this tosh. In the magical box were 9 bottles of beer, a glass & a T-Shirt. Lovely beer, a glass to neck it from and a T-Shirt from a micro brewery that will enable me (if I combined with sandals & a few days of stubble) to look like a beer geek. Wahay. Now Iíve got a beer T-Shirt I can go on a beer bloggers twissup (http://www.beerreviews.co.uk/beer/almighty-blogger-twissup/) and look the part.

I have mentioned before my love of free beer, how it colours my view of humanity as a fundamentality decent species and of society as a benevolent structure, but the pleasure when someone sends you some is hard to measure. I pondered for a while the possibility of a conspiracy. That brewers of Pongy Ale might not like the Campaign for Greater Cooking Lager Appreciation and how they might be trying to convert me to pongy ale. If so, keep it up. I can live with it as I really rather like pongy ale. In the box were a couple of lagers, some ales and a few really quite odd ones it will be fascinating to try. I still like cheap lout, though, my first true love. I pondered the possibility of a conspiracy manifesting itself in a more malevolent manner if the benevolence of the free pongy ale strategy fails. After all, in order to receive free grog you have to give up your anonymity. With each sample I receive a greater chance of the militant wing of the ale jihadists finding my garage full of cheap Carling, Fosters & Carlsberg and burning it down. But for free beer, it worth the risk. For those that question the point and purpose of beer blogging, there is one clear and unambiguous answer. Nice people send you free beer.

Youíd have thought a box of free beer would be enough to turn the monotony of an average day into perfection, but another thing happened. When walking out of the office at lunchtime I spotted on the pavement a tenner. A ten pound note. I looked around, no body to whom it could belong. Wahay, a tenner. What a day. As I went to bed that evening I let out a sigh of satisfaction, free beer, found a tenner, then the squeeze grabbed me and said ďYou donít fancy going to sleep straight away do you?Ē Result. Hat Trick.


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