View Full Version : New pub added, or has it...?

27-11-2019, 14:58
Hopefully this is the best fitting place to ask.

Yesterday I submitted two new pubs, Head (http://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/88626/) and Stretford Food Hall.

I have had an email through to state that Head had been confirmed and indeed if you click the link it is live. I haven't had confirmation for Stretford Food Hall but it has disappeared from my Pending Contributions list.

So I'm guessing it has either been rejected (in which case, is there no notification for a rejection?) or it has been added but for some reason not showing up yet and the confirmation email got lost.

In the case of a rejection I would argue that despite the unusual name, the venue does appear on WhatPub and you can go in just for a drink, so I believe it qualifies for entry on here.

In the case of a glitch, shall I just try re-adding it?

28-11-2019, 18:14
Well, I re-submitted it, and it has gone through this time. :cool: