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09-10-2008, 09:53
Just to let you know that the following pub is now open.

The Fellow

It used to be

The Masque Lounge

It has a web address: www.thefellow.co.uk but at the moment, it is only advertising for staff, so i didn't know whether to add it.
Sorry, didn't give enough info.
The address is:
24 York Way
Islington (N1)
Central London
N1 9AA

And I've added the web link, in case they start up properly. Maybe someone will want a job!



Galore Admin
10-10-2008, 23:20
Hi Arthurish,

Thanks for letting us know about that one. We have updated the name and approved the link, as you say someone might want a job there - even better if they notice they've got a link from us they might get a move on with sorting out some proper information for their website.

Thanks again for that.