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09-06-2019, 10:41
Its almost fathers day and we are eying up Kenilworth for our annual day out. I have only been in the 2 near the castle so the rest is new ground for me.
There have been a couple of new ones added this year (pleased about the Ale rooms as I enjoyed the one in Knowle).
Which are the best of the rest?

09-06-2019, 11:29
The Virgin and Castle and the Old Bakery, opposite each other at the far end of the High St from the castle are the two to go for, the former for the beer, the latter for a fascinating building even if you're not keen on Everard's. Note the Old Bakery is evenings only.

The other GBG pub is the Green Man, at the other end of town; I've no idea why it appeals to the Camra branch, it's an M&B pub by numbers and I suspect it's there for quota reasons.

09-06-2019, 13:26
I quite liked The Cottage Inn (https://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/36949/) and The Tiltyard (https://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/36964/) when I was last in Kenilworth (admittedly a few years ago). However, the question reminds me that it's about time I went back since they have finally got the station reopened.