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01-07-2010, 13:52
Hi everyone! I haven't been on pub crawl for quite long time so I thought I'll take the most of sun and heat..

I set off from my house to catch 765 bus to Tamworth town centre where I took no 116 bus to Birmingham. I could have take regular no 110 bus but i thought 116 would be better due to less bus stop and more scenic than 110.

Anyway, I arrived in Birmingham 48 mins later and went straight to The Wellington (via Halifax bank). It was 11.50am and the Welly was already full! I ordered half of Pig On the wall and it was rather average.

12.35pm, finished my half and set off to Bacchus where I haven't visited for years. As I arrived at Bacchus, there was photo shooting going on inside the pub. I apologised to photographer as I mistakenly walked behind the shooting area. Ordered my half which was Pedigree, sat down and was about to start reading The Sun when angry looking man came to my table. He ordered me get off his premises.. why? All I did was wearing England shirt! I didn't see any notices or even outside. Rather than get involved in row, I simply grabbed my bag and paper and walked out in disgust :moremad::moremad::moremad:. Vowed not to return again.

12.45pm, As I walked out Bacchus, I was actually thinking where go to next then I had brainstorm.. I haven't visited Digbeth for YEARS (2005 actually) I arrived in Digbeth and I can see pub in distance... I have completely forgotten about this pub.. The Dubliner. Two weeks after my last visit there, it was burned down and was completely gutted. Anyway, got in and it was much improvised. Pool table no longer there and it has been replaced by eating area. No real ales so I plumped for boring M&B MILD. There were few Irish people drinking away their Guinness. I should point out Digbeth is Irish Quarter in Brum.

1.15pm, Just around the corner from brand new National Express bus station is The Anchor. What I didn't realise is that Drunk Irishman have been following me into The Anchor. He was slurring and I couldn't make out what he was trying to say. Then he started to miming as he wanted some money for more drinks. I refused politely and barman told him to get out. He finally gave up and walked out. I was browsing numerous beers on blackboard and delighted to see Salitire's Triple Chocoholic. Wow! It was so beautiful and very chocolatey. Also I tried Weston's Raspberry Twist Cider which is very thirst quenching and bit like alcoholic Ribenia. :D

Part two later on..

01-07-2010, 14:13

1.45pm After short hop from The Anchor is The Swan.. famed for Minton tiles on the wall. By word, it was bit of mess inside with few washing towels on the floor. I was informed there was water leak going on. It didn't bother me, I got half of Marston's Lion Roar... hmmm tastes the exactly the same as Bank's Bitter. There was tennis going on on the plasma screen hanging above the main door.. rather dangerous if it dropped on your head! After quick half.. I set out for last pub before returning to Brum..

2pm I arrived at pub called Adam and Eve.. sadly it was closed despite there was light inside and I could see movement inside. Disappointed, caught No 50 bus back to Brum.

2.30pm By the time I was desperately need a wee so I made a detour to Yard of Ale on New Street. I had a half of Merry Maids (i think it is Marston's as I didn't take notice who it comes from) and it was very disappointing. I am not sure but I think it was bit off and smelled like someone had a good leak.. :whistle:

2.50pm Caught no 906 bus which will take me to Sutton Coldfield. Arrived in Sutton 3.30pm and made my way to my fave pub in Sutton.. The Dukes Inn. They were selling Theakstons' bitter for only 2 so I took the offer. It was very nice and easy drinking. I have forgotten about Paraguay Vs Japan so I watched the remaining 15 mins in first half.

4pm I was supposed to catch bus from Sutton Coldfield to Lichfield but somehow the bus left early leaving me stranded in Sutton for another 35 mins. So I made way to The Station by rail station. I see they haven't changed their real ales since March.. Each time I visit I always drink Black Sheep. Very slowly I take sip of it as mins ticking away. Finally..

4.35 No 112 bus came and the bus was absolutely full. I had to stand up and hold hand rail for my dear life! Bus driver was driving like manic and swearing uncontrollably. Every time traffic light goes to red he goes saying "Oh F*** Off, you F****** traffic light" and tapping his wheel impatiently. One passenger came on the bus and paid the fare without saying thanks to the driver. I can see his lip-read.. "OH thanks! "thank you" would be nice, you f***er" Finally I was so glad to get off in Lichfield in one piece..

Part three next

01-07-2010, 14:30

5pm Short walk from Bus station is The Duke of York.. firm favourite of mine. It is oldest inn in Lichfield. I got two hours to kill so I bought my own darts to have half hour practise. Sadly I have forgotten name of ale that I bought. All I can remember it was very hoppy and golden ale. Shame on myself! :( After 5 games of darts and one of game was 50+ dart game! Quick trip to Tesco Supermarket to get few things.

6pm Arrived at The Horse and Jockey.. another favourite of mine. Had a pint of Holden's Golden Glow. Very pleasing and easy finish. Watched England Vs Australia hightlights on Sky. (they installed brand new plasma just prior to World Cup) By the time I starting to get woozy.. Alcohol+Heat is not good but what the heck.. I only live once :)

George IV was to be my last pub before heading back to Tamworth but due to tight schedule so I decided to give it miss and went straight to Bus Station. I waited for 10 mins before my bus had arrived. I managed to take few mins snooze. Got off at my local, The Fox. where I had 2 pints of Spitfire before calling it a day. By the time I was very tired and went to bed at 11.30pm.

Now I am praying for The Dubliner doesn't get burned down again in two weeks time... :whistle:

01-07-2010, 15:32
Bacchus sounds like a charming place then. We will be keeping an eye on closure reports round Birmingham for unexpected conflagrations.

01-07-2010, 19:59
I think you have an idiot magnet stuck to your person Hoppy, find it and throw it away. What is it with Midlands bus drivers? Your bus driver reminds me of the one driving a bus from Sedgeley to Gornal, totally ignorant of the places on the route, when I asked for a single to Gornal she asked did the bus bus go there? Bloody women drivers!

02-07-2010, 00:15
I find bus drivers come in two categories.
1. Polite and Friendly
2. Mad, Bad and Dangerous

I am sure both groups are now trained on PlayStations or XBoxes using Grand Theft Auto as a bus driving simulator.