View Full Version : Marston's free drink offer

22-01-2019, 23:21
I've previously signed up for free pints from Marston's offer assuming it was one pub one email address. After discussing with my old man on Boxing Day in a local he informed me that no it's essentially 1 free pint per pub per email address that has the option. This has been put to the test twice since he told me now going to Marston's pubs in Wales as no tolls anymore and it works fine.

How to claim? Just find pub you are going to and look for the Sign Up and receive free drink icon and enter details. https://www.huntsmanpubdownend.co.uk/

Issues encountered are sometimes the email takes a while to land so don't apply when a few minutes away from pub, these do last a while so can claim in advance of visit and it will be valid for a month I think. Expect a possible wait at the bar as staff don't seem overly trained in this freebie but managers are as I did on Sunday when claiming one.