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14-01-2019, 09:13
Hi - and a belated Happy New Year to everyone.

My partner and I have brought into a bar in an Indian restaurant in Yorkshire. It's a bit of a learning curve to say the least! We're gradually getting on top of things and have found new and better suppliers for the majority of goods.

One thing we're struggling with tho is keg lager - namely Cobra and Kingfisher. I've looked on line and our current supplier seems to be charging us about £25 more per keg than some I've found on line. We're not massive consumers - probably averaging about 8 barrels a month.

Can anyone recommend a decent supplier that is reliable and gives good service?

Thanks in advance


04-02-2019, 08:35

Can't help with the query unfortunately but I think this thread would do better in the general chitchat area? There's more traffic there and I think this section is just for people advertising services?

Hope you get a helpful answer soon!