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28-06-2010, 09:21
Hello folks,
I'm returning to the UK for a visit from NZ and am trying to locate some pubs I used to frequent in the 1980s. The only one left I am struggling to find on the interweb is what i think was called the Royal Inn Oak, near a village called canon pyon just a few km north of Hereford city. Does anyone know if it still exists, or has it, like many :)others it seems, already called last orders for the final time?

28-06-2010, 13:57
what i think was called the Royal Inn Oak, near a village called canon pyon just a few km north of Hereford city.

Hi Marty. I've done a bit of digging around and the only pub that appears to be listed for Canon Pyon is The Nags Head Inn. It may be the Royal Oak closed years ago, or it was re-named. Do think you might have got the name wrong? One thing about The Nag's Head that may jog your memory is that between 1984-5 there was a brewery attached to it. Sorry, not much else to go on. You could try ringing the pub and ask if there was another close by.

28-06-2010, 14:30
There is a Royal Oak Inn at Gladestry and another at Kington, both in Herefordshire. Not sure how they fit in with the Geography but either may be the place you're after.

01-07-2010, 23:59
Sorry I had missed this Thread. Sadly The Royal Oak is now a private residence and has been for a good few years. It was situated on the A4110 , south of Canon Pyon at the hamlet of Portway near Burghill village. The Nags Head is the only pub in Canon Pyon now , The Plough has also closed and is now a private house. I used to drive along the A 4110 some years ago and the only way for me to remember the road was to " drive " along it on Google Earth. What a godsend that is.
I would have attached a picture but I can only save in .xps files which dont upload here.:moremad: Now I find out !

02-07-2010, 01:17
Here is the picture of the Ex Royal Oak. Its all done by smoke, mirrors, string and vinegar. The name is still above the door.

12-07-2010, 03:48
Thanks folks yes that is the pub (as it was) near portway. Had an exceptionally good carp fishing pond about 2 fields behind the pub too. Happy memories!

sheffield hatter
22-05-2011, 19:02
I took a picture of this ex-pub as I was passing the other day, intending to add it to the website and not having previously seen this thread. However, I'm struggling to find a postcode for the building. As arwkrite says, it's still called Royal Oak, but Royal Mail won't cough up a postcode for it. Anyone got any suggestions?

Oggwyn Trench
22-05-2011, 19:33
It is HR48NG or HR48NH it is stuck between the two :confused:

sheffield hatter
22-05-2011, 21:11
OK, thanks for the help. I've used HR4 8NG, The nearest I could come to it on Google maps was a pair of bus stops! If Conrad can get any closer he can change it later, though as the pub's been closed for some time now it doesn't really matter too much.