View Full Version : Interesting West Ealing signs

30-12-2018, 08:44
Happening to find myself in West Ealing for the first time in ages, I was surprised to find banners hanging from lampposts listing all the local pubs - see the picture. And as this is number 7, presumably there are at least 6 others. Handy, although with the current rate of closures I don't see they are likely to have a great lifespan. They seem to be an output from Business Improvement District funding - see http://www.inwestealing.co.uk/ (http://www.inwestealing.co.uk/). Any locals know anything else about them, or has anyone seen anything similar elsewhere?

london calling
31-12-2018, 20:22
I know this area well and have drank in only two of these pubs.The other five would be contenders for the worst pub of the year. yes I have been in them but decided not to have a drink so didn't review them.Doubt there are any other crawls as West Ealing is a tiny area and can only think of two other pubs in the area.Its nice to see they are trying to generate some interest in the pubs and the area but it is shitsville .

01-01-2019, 22:06
I will grant you that the basic bars did not look entirely enticing, although they no doubt fill a local need and the Star & Anchor was ok. I wonder if the 'Pub Walk' sign is no 7 in a series of other banners?

london calling
02-01-2019, 21:20
After re-reading your post I assume they have done crawls in different parts of the borough.The Star and Anchor is the best but last two visits have produced poor quality cask beers.