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22-12-2018, 18:52
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By popular demand, Drinkalongathon will return this year.

https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-HK2PTJdEsC8/XB6OoM4XTrI/AAAAAAAAfvA/uKK0RzkMUXIQXDDqN_l_IrtJb4gRs5wXQCLcBGAs/s640/Laphroaig.jpg (https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-HK2PTJdEsC8/XB6OoM4XTrI/AAAAAAAAfvA/uKK0RzkMUXIQXDDqN_l_IrtJb4gRs5wXQCLcBGAs/s1600/Laphroaig.jpg)
Here are the things you'll need if you want to take part:

1 bottle Lagavullin
1 crate St. Bernardus Abt
1 bottle dry sherry
1 boiled egg
2 pickled eggs
3 coddled eggs
4 bottled eggs
1 pint of brandy
2 bottles red wine
3 pieces of string*
16 pistacchio nuts
1 cm. cube of ginger
1 pinch of snuff3 picks of peppercorns
1 pick
2 noses (picked)
4 peppers (picked)
1 eel
1 ell of elbows
1 bow
1 tube of vaseline
1 tub of vases
1 throw rug
2 grow bags
1 murder of crows
3 murdered crows
1 Viz Christmas edition
1 icepick
a cellar with a concrete floor
3 cranberries
2 blueberries
120 scranbernes
4 regretberries
bleach, disinfectant and other cleaning materials
3 pairs surgical gloves
2 socks (white)
1 truss (used)
7 heavy duty bin bags
1 oak tree (leaning dangerously)
1 hole, 115 cm square, half a cubit deep
cream, frightened, not whipped
25 beer mats**
25 cl sugar-free cola
1 lemon (optional)

If you remember one thing, make it the string. The Drinkalongathon doesn't work without it.

* Don't get caught out by this year's increased string requirement.
** Why do London pubs never have beer mats? I hate that.

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