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17-10-2018, 15:33
Hello all!

Halloween is closing in and if you're wondering what to do for this year's festivities or haven't had time to organise what you wanted, we've got the perfect solution - a Halloween pub quiz:evilgrin:! Whether you're just looking for something a little extra or a whole evening's entertainment, we can supply anything from a Halloween Bumper Pack (https://www.instant-quizzes.co.uk/seasonal-quizzes/halloween-quizzes/halloween-bumper-quiz-1.html)to a Trick or Treat Smell Quiz (https://www.instant-quizzes.co.uk/seasonal-quizzes/halloween-quizzes/halloween-trick-or-treat-smell-quiz.html)!

See all our Halloween Quizzes (https://www.instant-quizzes.co.uk/seasonal-quizzes/halloween-quizzes.html) here!

Or go straight to:

Halloween Picture Quizzes (https://www.instant-quizzes.co.uk/seasonal-quizzes/halloween-quizzes/halloween-picture-quizzes.html)
Celebrity Vampires, Monsters and Evil Clowns to Famous Horror Movies, all our picture quizzes are available with 20 pictures for £3 or 10 pictures for £2 when instantly download. (For first class post options, choose your favourite picture quiz and then request it through the Quizzes by Post link in the title bar.)

Halloween Quiz Packs (https://www.instant-quizzes.co.uk/seasonal-quizzes/halloween-quizzes/halloween-quiz-packs.html)
We can offer Bumper Packs of 10 rounds each with an additional 20-Image Picture Quiz for £8.50 or regular Quiz Packs at half the size for £5.50

Halloween Handouts (https://www.instant-quizzes.co.uk/seasonal-quizzes/halloween-quizzes/halloween-handout-quizzes.html)
Choose from Mixed Bag, List, Puzzle, Anagrams or Wordsearch handouts - all just £3 for downloads!

Halloween Multiple Choice (https://www.instant-quizzes.co.uk/seasonal-quizzes/halloween-quizzes/halloween-multi-choice.html)
25 Halloween questions with four potential answers, great for a more casual quiz or quiz novices and only £3.50 each!

Halloween Question Rounds (https://www.instant-quizzes.co.uk/seasonal-quizzes/halloween-quizzes/halloween-quiz-questions.html)
£1 for each set of 10 subject rounds, where each topic is related to Halloween - with 50 rounds to choose from, you're bound to find something you like!

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