View Full Version : Closed pubs in Halifax

25-06-2008, 16:50
I'm not sure where you go to report closed pubs so apologies if this is wrong but I have a couple to list in Halifax.

The Golden Fleece, 208 Rochdale Rd Greetland - Closed earlier this year. Currently all boarded up and for sale. Advertised as suitable for conversion to flats.

The Druids Arms, 2 Spring Lane Greetland - Closed around 4 years ago if memory serves. Owners have tried to get permission to convert to a house but unsuccessful so far.

And also in Brighouse: The George / George Hotel, 2 Commercial St - Closed a fortnight ago. Again it is all boarded up with metal panels.

Galore Admin
25-06-2008, 17:49
Hi Boggles,

We are happy to get closed pubs through the forum, alternatively feedback on the site if you are more comfortable with that.

I have marked those 3 as closed and removed the excess George listing that was there.

Thanks a lot for those.