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03-10-2018, 08:20
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Here's another classic AK for you, this time from Manchester. Which is a long way North for the style.

At the outbreak of WW I Boddington produced three Pale Ales, of which AK was the weakest.

I have a bit of an obsession with AK, you might recall. It’s strange to think now of just how excited I was when I saw my first AK brewing record (Fullers, if you’re interested). Even now, after seeing dozens of AKs from several different breweries, it still sends a certain frisson down my spine when I spot one.

The grist is pretty damn simple, just pale malt, flaked maize and a little sugar. Though there were two different types of pale malt, 20 quarters from UK barley, 3 quarters from foreign barley. As you can see, this grist produces a very pale beer.

I’ve knocked down the hopping by about a fifth because some hops were from the 1910 and 1912 season. Not that there were a great deal of hops to start with. Weirdly, AK is less bitter than most of Boddington’s Milds. The hops were a combination of English and Bohemian in the copper and English and Californian in the cask. I’ve interpreted them as Fuggles, Saaz and Cluster.

Not really much else to say about this very light beer.

1914 Boddington AK

pale malt
8.50 lb

flaked maize
1.25 lb

No. 2 invert sugar
0.25 lb

Fuggles 165 mins
0.25 oz

Fuggles 90 mins
0.25 oz

Fuggles 60 mins
0.25 oz

Saaz 30 mins
0.25 oz

Cluster dry hops
0.125 oz

Fuggles dry hops
0.125 oz




Apparent attenuation



Mash at
156º F

Sparge at
168º F

Boil time
165 minutes

pitching temp
63º F

Wyeast 1318 London ale III (Boddingtons)

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