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02-10-2018, 08:09
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A sad-eyed veteran of perhaps 28 shows a newbie, baby-faced and keen to please, around behind the bar. The Vet points to the keg taps.
“Now, these stronger ones we generally only serve by the half.”
“So I should never serve them by the pint?”
“Well, not never. Generally.”
The Vet leans on the bar and gives a Han Solo smirk.
“As long as they’re not rat-arsed, and not acting the arsehole, you can serve them pints. Obviously, if they’re absolutely arseholed, don’t serve them anything.”
“Cool, cool, yeah, yeah, yeah.”
“But if they do insist on a pint, warn them about the price before you pull it, because if they weren’t acting like arseholes before, the might start when you tell ’em it’s eight quid a pint.”
FNG’s eyes pop.
“Eight quid?”
“Well, like I say, we do generally serve it by the half.”
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