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27-09-2018, 07:10
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"Dad, why don't you ever write about Best Bier on your blog? It is the best beer, after all."

"Good point, Lexie."

"It is good beer. And it only costs 62 cents per half litre can."

"A true baragain. Is it as good as Finkbräu or Schultenbräu?"

"No, of course not. Best Bier will always be the best. Even though they are German. Don't forget to ask your readers what the cheapest beer is where they live."

"I won't."

"And how good it is."


"It won't be as good as Best Bier, though."

"Obviously not, because it's the best. It's in the name."

What's the cheapest beer where you live? Is it any good? If not, what is the cheapest beer you find drinkable?

I'll kick off with my seasonal favourite, Amstel Bock. 44 cents per 30 cl bottle of a 7% beer.

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