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05-09-2018, 08:44
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The war had an impact on all beers. Even such special ones as Barclay’s Imperial Russian Stout, which is the retail name of IBS.

The classic OG of Russian Stout is around 1100º, considerably more than the 1064º of this version. But it has to be borne in mind that when it was brewed, price controls were still in effect. Which, as the top band started at 1054º, there was a huge financial disincentive to brew anything much stronger. Given that constraint, I’m surprised the gravity is as high as 1064

The grist is typical of a strong London Stout, where in addition to brown malt and roast barley, there’s also amber malt. You have to look very closely at Barclay Perkins brewing records because sometimes used roast malt – i.e. black malt – and at others roasted barley, as in this case.

The mild malt base is my substitution for SA malt. Unlike BS Exp, IBS does contain flaked maize.

Most of the hops were Mid-Kent and Pacific hops from the 1920 crop. However, as quarter were Mid-Kent from 1915. They must have been some leftover hops they wanted to use up.

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