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20-06-2010, 19:19
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As the world cup starts to get interesting, I’ve started to ponder on places that making a point about not showing the football. I’m not talking about places that just don’t have a telly — I mean the places that actively boast about being a ‘World Cup Free Zone’. A lot of these are places which pride themselves on having good beer and perhaps it’s part of conforming to a narrow definition of a ‘proper pub’ — no TV, no food, no piped music and no World Cup?

Now,* just because I love the World Cup, I don’t think it should bf shoved down everyone’s throats, and I’m usually very much put off by places whose only attraction is Sky Sports and big screens. But football and good beer can co-exist, particularly during a once-every-four-years international event. In Germany, even the snobbiest cafes dig out a telly for the duration, and the magic words “alle WM-spiele im Biergarten” magically appear on blackboards across the land.

Why be proud of being a kill joy?


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