View Full Version : Emlyn Arms, Llanarthne 2

13-05-2008, 14:48
Also although the pub is added as being in a certain village quite often listed as being in the nearest big town (thus this pub is listed as being in Carmarthen) which causes problems when searching for a pub as people tend to think of it as being in the village.

Galore Admin
13-05-2008, 15:47
Hi ronaldaroo,

I will look at adding the village name to the searches, hopefully that should be fairly easy.


Galore Admin
28-05-2008, 15:11
Hi again ronaldaroo,

I have just uploaded a quick change to make the villages more visible on the searches whilst hopefully keeping all the needed links clear. So a search for Emlyn Arms (http://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/search.php?search=Emlyn+Arms&x=87&y=3) should be a little clearer now.

Thanks a lot for the suggestion.