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10-07-2018, 12:48
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It's just over four weeks until me and the kids will be hitting the West Coast.

There's been a slight change in plan, with San Francisco replacing Denver. The kids said they'd prefer to visit there. I can't say I blame them. It's the perfect city for the boys, having cable cars, trams, an underground and trolleybuses.

Here's our full schedule:

Thursday 9th Seattle
Friday 10th Seattle
Saturday 11th San Diego
Sunday 12th San Diego
Monday 13th San Diego
Tuesday 14th San Francisco
Wednesday 15th San Francisco
Thursday 16th Vancouver
Friday 17th Vancouver
Saturday 18th Seattle
Sunday 19th fly home

It's not a full-on beer trip. But there is room for an event or two. So if you'd like to hear me bang on about my new book or some other nonsense, get in touch.

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