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22-06-2018, 11:23
I am finally sorting through thousands of beermats and I have some issued by particular pubs. Such as the The Pigot Arms (https://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/39253/)
Is it an idea to add a scan to the page although it isn't strictly a photo?
I will go with the majority on this one!
My opinion is that they are still worth adding as they add to the history of the pub.
Over to you …..

22-06-2018, 12:22
I would say fine if it adds something, such as history of pub

In this electronic age it is still a jpg however it was derived, and of course older photos, using film cameras would have been scanned to upload them

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22-06-2018, 19:02
No problem.

sheffield hatter
22-06-2018, 20:17
Go for it.

Please check afterwards to make sure that whoever approves the photo/scan has prevented it appearing on the main page. If they have forgotten, you can do this yourself by clicking on the button labelled "don't show picture on main page".