View Full Version : Website issues

20-06-2018, 22:24
Laptop won't log me in to main site and phone only viewable in mobile version not desktop even after pressing desktop view button. Is there a problem?

20-06-2018, 23:08
Yeah, I had same problem from around 22:00 onwards but seems to be working again now.

20-06-2018, 23:15
same problem for me

21-06-2018, 07:36
I'm still not able to log-in to the main site, something wrong with password authentication?

Dave M
21-06-2018, 10:24
Sorry about that, I changed something yesterday and I guess maybe that broke something.

I've reverted the change now, hopefully that will solve the issue - if not let me know.

21-06-2018, 18:15
Yep phone working, a tab left in mobile format refreshed itself to desktop, not tried laptop yet as traveling however work one had no issues when I checked something earlier.