View Full Version : Nonsuch Park Hotel

14-05-2018, 19:32
Does anyone know if this place is open to non-residents?

Nonsuch Park Hotel (https://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/35650/)


sheffield hatter
14-05-2018, 19:59
This is not a very good place to ask this sort of question, because only a few of us are able to answer threads on this sub-forum. (Anyone can originate a thread, but only the originator, and those granted access for admin purposes, can reply.)

As someone who is able to reply to your post, I have to say it doesn't look very much like a pub. Its serial number 35650 indicates, I believe, that it was among the original database of pubs that was used to found the site. Most of the duds have been weeded out over the years, but this does look rather like another dud to me. And as such should probably be deleted.