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05-05-2018, 10:27
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The Session, when bloggers around the world get together to write on the same subject, is a fragile thing, only ever one dropped ball away from disappearing altogether. This month’s was looking dicey until Al at*Fuggled stepped in heroically to save the day, proposing for Session #135 the topic ‘Sepia Tones’ (http://www.fuggled.net/2018/05/session-135-announcement-sepia-tones.html). Here’s our contribution.
Over the past few years we’ve spent a lot of our time thinking in monochrome, thumbing through decaying papers, and staring into the eyes of long-dead brewers and pubgoers. But something about Al’s particular choice of words made us think not of archives but of a particular category of pub that we’ve sometimes struggled to describe.
We’ve sometimes used the shortcut ‘proper pub’ but calling them sepia toned is rather more poetic, and also implies less of a judgement against other less ‘proper’ pubs.
These are places dominated by shades of brown, from the dark wood of the bar to walls either stained with nicotine or painted to look that way. The prints on the walls are yellowed, the paintings dark and varnished to death, the photographs jaundiced.
The beer probably sits somewhere on that stretch of the colour spectrum, too — perhaps Courage Best, Bass, Tetley, or some other brand from a long-gone brewery frozen in the flash-bang of nostalgia, fading away with mishandling and neglect.
They have them on the Continent, too, where the clue is in the name: brown cafes, or brown bars.
Here’s one test: take a photo in a sepia-toned pub and compare it to one* of the same place from a hundred years ago — can you see much difference?
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